Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Best of Lepp

George returned to the Institute this week teaching the Best of Lepp.

Yesterday was a classroom session in which George provided the students with the prerequisite knowledge before spending the rest of the week shooting, optimizing, and printing.

We started this morning with a shoot at Montana de Oro State Park. The focus was on basic panorama technique and longer exposures of water.

Montana de Oro is located about 2 miles from the Institute's front door and offers ideal beach, surf, rock, bird, etc. shooting.

After a quick lunch break we changed gears and worked macro. Dennis Sheridan, a local photographer and critter wrangler, brought a whole slew of animals to the Institute. From an anaconda to leopard geckos to an albino ornate horned frog to huge insects and arachnids, we shot them all.

African Egg-eating Snake, with one egg in and one to go!

Today was a great day for the class and the Institute. George back after a nine month hiatus and unbelievable shooting. The quality of instruction and diversity of photographic subjects happens only here!

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