Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Digital Photo Essays

Hello! After a few weeks off, we are back at it. David H. Wells just finished a week on Digital Photo Essays. Once again, the class shot gig after gig around the Central Coast. Subjects included everything from tomatoes to killer sunsets (aided by smoke that drifted north from the San Diego area) to a manual grape harvest.

The highlight of the week was when the class put everything they learned into practice and created an impact series of photos from a vineyard shoot. We left Los Osos at 0615 to ensure we could catch the first light of day hitting the grapes and pickers. It was an excellent morning as the shutters clicked away. After the picking, we visited a working winery to watch as winery personnel processed grapes and recently finished wines.

Another great week at the Institute.

On a cool, new equipment note, Hoodman USA recently sent us their new RAW compact flash cards, high speed card readers, hood loupes, and right angle viewers. Their gear is very fast, extremely reliable, and made in the USA. All of the aforementioned gear is available to try here at the school. For those of you looking into the brand new Canon cameras, make sure you pick up UDMA compliant memory cards. Give us a call if you need more information.

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