Sunday, January 20, 2008

What a Great Week

We finished the Coastal Discoveries with George Lepp class Friday afternoon. Overall, a great week spent shooting a huge diversity of subjects here in Los Osos from oaks with Spanish moss, to crashing waves, to monarch butterflies, to the secrets of Corallina Cove's tidepools.

We spent most of Thursday in the field shooting at the Montana de Oro tide pools. One of the lowest tides in a few months occured just after noon so we had access to one acre of tidepools typically unavailable to photographers.

Macro lenses and MT-24 twin light flashes were out as we explored the tidepools. Everyone had either kneepads or foam mats to ensure no bodily harm as we got up close and personal with anemones, sea urchins, starfish, and many other wonders. In addition, we shot many panoramas of the beautiful Monterrey shale formations surrounding Corallina Cove.

After five hours of shooting we made it back to the digital darkroom to work the images. Hal led a print tutorial on the Canon 5100 to prepare the class for Friday's print session. As we talked about in an earlier post, each student started the process to make a table top book with their images. After processing and a few test prints to ensure good color management the class would print on 12 x 12 media for their books.

Friday saw continued image optimization as the print work began. The Canon 5100s performed beautifully for both the color management test prints and the actual book pages. Throughout the day George and Hal gave demos on either printing or image/presentation enhancement using Photoshop's Layer Styles.

At 4:30 we finally called it a week, packed up, and said our goodbyes to a great group of new friends.

Fay Sirkis is here next week teaching Wedding, Portrait, and Faces. Fay will use Corel Painter X to create fine art digital watercolors and oils based on a digital photograph. Look to the blog throughout the week to see her work.

Take care and see you soon.


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