Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Interesting LR 2.0 Work

After 2 Graduated Filter adjustments in LR 2.0

Before any processing/straight from the Canon 40D

We were out this morning shooting the sunrise from my new favorite location just south of San Luis Obispo. It was absolutely beautiful. We even had Reagan out to see her first sunrise!

The two shots above are an after and before comparison of one of the images I shot this morning. The intent of the shot was to use it as a demonstration in our current Lightroom 2.0 class. There is a new tool called the Graduated Filter and it may be used for local adjustments to an image (vice the global adjustments LR has.)

The change in the images is the result of applying the Graduated Filter twice; once to darken the sky and again to add a tint of gold to the foreground. Not a perfect shot but it served the purpose of showing how powerful the very simple Graduated Filter tool can be.

The class is becoming much more familiar and comfortable with LR 2.0. We're even finding certain little bugs that seem to stop the program (will send to Adobe soonest.)

I am a little biased but I am very happy to have the release timing work where we at the Lepp Institute run the first LR 2.0 week-long training workshop anywhere!


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