Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In Summary....

The week was a success!

Last Friday finished five hands on days with Randy Hufford. The class was a rousing success and we look forward to a great relationship with the Huffords as well as our new sponsors. We have additional pictures of the days one and two as well. Some of the post might be a recap but we thought it worthwhile.

Hands On!

Each student made their own 18 x 24 set of stretcher bars on which to frame their canvas. Randy and LIDI got the materials and away they went!

Better Light visited LIDI for a couple of days with their scanning back technology. Like you read about in the blog previously, a student put up their original watercolor and oil work on a copy stand. Illuminated by two huge 5000 K lights, a Better Light scanning back "shot" the art. After a couple of color management tweaks, a digital copy of the art was ready to print. The technology was so impressive, one of our students from Australia purchased a Better Light scanning back on the spot.

Proofing it!

In order to ensure accurate reproduction and monitor to print color accuracy, we set up a small proofing station. The station consisted of an Eizo monitor and a GTI Graphic Technology desktop proofing booth.

Stretching it!

After they printed out their 24 x 30 canvas, the students coated it with PremierArt Eco Print Shield to protect and seal the print.

After the second or third coat of sealant dried, each student mounted and stretched their own canvas. They had the choice of doing it by hand, or to use the stretching machine. Hal and I are looking into getting a stretching machine to make it available for more classes! It is just too much fun and very easy to use!

While students were waiting for their canvas to dry or were done stretching, they started to print out images on Epson's Velvet Fine Art Paper and also some papers from Premier. After they came up with a nice print, they used a Dual Edge Ripper that gives a hand torn look to your prints. Some of them adorned their prints with gold foil or just mounted them on black foam core for framing.

Finishing up!

Randy included some finishing techniques using an embellishing gel to give a more textured look to certain areas of the work. This helps the giclee print achieve texture and "strokes."

This was, without a doubt, the most hands on workshop we have ever held and we look forward to doing many more of these!

If you are interested in finding out more about the week, the sponsors we used or about Randy and Becky, give us a call to request a sponsor list or ask us detailed questions!


Look on our schedule soon for more Randy Hufford classes coming up in 2008!

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