Monday, August 27, 2007

Printing, Printing, Printing!

Friday ended another successful week. Charles Cramer led "Digital Printing for the Fine Art Photographer." As "Printing" in the title implied, we put the lab printers to the test. By Friday afternoon, the count was roughly 326 prints (for the math challenged the average was over 20 prints per student.) For those that haven't been around in a while we have the eight 2400s, the two 3800s, the two 4800s, and the 7800 running. All of the printers saw use. Final image output ranged from 5 x 7 up to 24 x 36. Not bad.

Of course, before anyone could think of printing, we spent two and a half days learning Charlie's favorite Photoshop techniques. He is the absolute master of "Curves" and did a great job passing on his skills. Wednesday afternoon, the class began to work on their own images using the material from earlier in the week. Excellent photography combined with sound Photoshop work and constructive criticism from Charlie and the class created some truly stunning images.

Charles Cramer will be back next year to do the whole process again. The 2008 schedule will be out soon so check the website often.

As a heads up, we are traveling to Las Vegas soon for the Photoshop World conference sponsored by NAPP ( There is still time to join us. Stop by the Lepp Institute booth to chat with our instructors and register for some incredible giveaways.

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