Monday, May 12, 2008

Ben is Back

Ben Willmore is back in town this week teaching his Fine Art Nudes. For those of you who know Ben mainly from his Photoshop expertise, he has become an incredible photographer as well, not surprising for someone of Ben's talent.

Today's focus was painting with light. In this technique, the model is in a totally dark room and the light is provided by the photographer's flashlight, sparkler, glow stick, etc.

We spent the morning in the lab learning the requisite techniques both for the shooting and the after capture. Ben has some great workflow to combine multiple light painting shots into one final image. We explored many of the layer blend modes and did some intricate seletions and masking.

The class put it all into practice in the afternoon as we turned the back half of the school into a completely dark studio. Our model was illuminated with just about everything but the kitchen sink. The resulting images are excellent. The shoot lasted right until dinner so everyone took a needed break for feeding and will be back shortly to process the images.

In other great news, we have a completely outfitted studio but I will save that for tomorrow's discussions.

Take care and have a great day.



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