Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No Class In Session But Plenty Happening

No class this week but still busy around the school. We've spent the first half of the week on administrative tasks and performing a detailed inventory of everything. Found a little time here and there as well to work on some of the images we've shot over the last month or so. For me, I have shot over 7000 images between George's class, Ben's class, and a week-long trail ride assignment. Like I often say in my Photoshop and Lightroom classes "It is all about effectiveness and efficiency " (especially with that many images to process.) If your workflow is not strong and quick, images can back up and become very intimidating and frustrating.

This week we also switched our email contact program. For any of you with your own businesses or if you are looking to keep in touch with many people, we highly recommend the folks at Constant Contact ( If you are thinking of using their main competitor, don't do it. Any other questions about this or why I strongly recommend this group, shoot me an email at

Take care and shoot well.



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