Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Art Of Lighting

Image from last night's sunset beach shoot.

Back from the UK and right into the Art of Lighting class with Judy Host and Amy Cantrell. I'll have more pics up from the trip as soon as I can process them a little. The trip finished up in spectacular fashion and travel home was simple. I will also have a great review on the Think Tank Airport International bag. If you have not heard of the Think Tank brand they are worth checking out at ( As a teaser, I cannot say enough good things about this bag.

This week's class is going well and we are shooting like crazy again. The only problem with the class so far is that we are shooting so much it is hard to find the time in the day to review and process. Fortunately, we have a few hours this morning to process, review, and critique before this afternoon's shoot. Today we are in the studio and have four stations set up, each to demonstrate something a little different. Amy is fired up and ready to get the strobes firing.
Take care and I will update soonest.

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