Monday, March 23, 2009

Drop Shadow Technique

A few people have written asking about the drop shadow technique George used on some of his prints. I will publish the full details on how to do this as soon as I can get back to the lab. I'm currently stuck in Anchorage, AK because of a volcanic eruption.



Anonymous said...

Here I am Monday morning reading news of Mt. Redoubt. Missed it by three days. Bummer!I hope you got it. Thanks for a wonderful trip! Great group and incredible help. No less sushi tech support. Beyond the call of duty. Hope to see you all again soon. Only missed one connection home, but still got all bags and sleep in my own bed Saturday night. Thanks, Peter.

Lepp Institute of Digital Imaging said...

Peter, still stuck up here in Anchorage. Eruptions have either been in the dark or covered with clouds, so no shots.