Monday, February 9, 2009

Fay Sirkis Here

Fay Sirkis is here teaching a beginning Painter class. Fortunately, she brought some much needed rain and a bit cooler weather from the East Coast. We are a full house this week with all of the available seats taken. There are folks from all around the country here for the Fay experience. Should be a great week!

Still shooting birds and processing the new stuff along with shot from Artie's week and our recent trip to Homer, AK.

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Dwight McCann said...

I was a student in this class. It was everything I expected and more! I now know how to use Painter X, my Wacom Cintiq and the workflow for PhotoArt. I can hardly draw a stick man but I feel that with a bit of practice and creating some learning aids that this will open up a whole new world for my photography. Looking at doing fine art prints and greeting cards as derivative works from my catalog seems to present endless possibilities.

Fay is a warm, wonderful and intense instructor who holds back nothing. The only suggestion I would have is a "Brush Stroke Guide" for Fay's brushes that would have example brush strokes with a legend for her brushes.