Friday, February 20, 2009

Hokkaido Blizzard

Blizzard hit this morning around 0930. We were in place out at the Akan ranch when the snow began. I will admit shooting was a challenge. Exposure, focus, and composition were all tough given the conditions. The Canon gear was great today. The weather resistant design of both the bodies and lenses was put to the test and passed with flying colors. Fortunately, by the time we left there was ten inches of snow covering the ice. Why fortunately? Because the snow softened my fall as I went ass over tea kettle carrying two cameras, a 500 mm, a tripod, and a couple other lenses. I can report that no camera gear nor photographers were harmed during the production of this post. Good living.

Attached some shots from today. Did a real quick workflow since I am exhausted and must sleep soon. Looking forward to processing these and the other images I shot today.

Weather should be better tomorrow.

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