Sunday, February 22, 2009

Upon Request to Keep It Going

Hal asked if I could update the blog since he was not going to be able to have internet for a couple of days.
The boys have headed out! They were heading to the county of Nemuro, East coast of Hokkaido to see if they could get a view of more Eagles, and well, let’s face it, who knows what they are going to run into? Now they are going even further into the “sticks” as he called it. I can’t wait to see more of his images!
As for Los Osos, it has started raining again and the wildflowers are surely going to be popping out with a vengeance here soon! Our daffodils are looking amazing in the garden, but I cannot wait to see the poppies and baby blue eyes this year.
For those of you down on the rain…remember…it’s good for the grapes!
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for Hal’s next entry later this week!

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