Saturday, February 21, 2009

Words of the Day - "Wind Chill Factor"

Another day almost finished here in northern Japan. Snow stopped late last night but the wind from the low pressure was still around today. We had gusts up to 42 knots with a wind chill of around -20 or so, beautiful shooting weather (as long as you dress appropriately.)

We left Kushiro this morning with the plan of heading up to Lake Kasharo. We made it most of the way before we were turned around by a little road closure. The blowing, drifting snow had yet to be fully cleared from the mountains and the avalanche danger was also relatively high. With lemons, we made lemonade and shot some landscape while working our way back towards the cranes.

Chilly shooting but good. The only little gotcha was when I decided I needed a better shot and launched off the side of the road into a "small" snow drift. I was rapidly up to my belly in snow as I fell into the drift. Not to be deterred I pressed on and found what I was after. Doug has a few great shots of me relatively buried in four feet of snow. Once again, good living.

The cranes arrived at Akan soon after we did and the show did not stop for the next 5 hours. Around 1400 they throw about 25 pounds of fish onto the snow to supplement the cranes' regular 250 pounds of corn. Cranes don't seem to be too big into the fish but the White Tailed Sea Eagles certainly are. We even had two Stellar's show up today. They were a bit shy and didn't venture too close.

Overall, I shot about 1400 images today and am still working through the sort phase of my workflow. I easily eliminated about 400 and will continue to whittle them down. Unreal shooting

I attached a few quick ones. Have not had time to process anything but a quick tonal range adjustment.

Tomorrow we'll try the lake again and then begin to head up the coast.

Internet access will be much spottier but I'll try and post when possible.

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