Friday, March 21, 2008

Finishing Up with Rob Sheppard

Photo by Dave Lawrence

Day five with Rob Sheppard is coming to a close. Today's challenge was to select five more images and prepare/print as if they were to be featured in a gallery show. Most of the pictures are on the wall and the last few should be up soon. Most of the class chose to keep 13 x 19s but some have ventured into the larger prints that both the ipf 5100 and ipf 8100 are capable of. Rob will lead a final critique of the "show" later this afternoon.

All in all it has been a busy week printing. I can state without any doubt there is no other training facility in the world that could do what we did this week. For every student to have the luxury of printing and taking home over 25 gallery quality prints (of at least 13 x 19) is awesome. Because of Canon and the help of the Lepp Institute Staff, we do this on a regular basis. George built the best facility around and we feel proud to carry on his tradition of excellence. Of course, every now and again we try to raise the bar wherever possible.

George will be here next week leading a Flower and Macro class. Expect to see some great images from that. We also have Vinnie Isola, another Canon Explorer of Light, dropping by for a few days. In addition, Canon reps have loaned us even more Macro equipment and a Canon Print rep will be here all week. I am, once again, looking forward to a tremendous experience.

Take care and Happy Easter!

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