Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Flowers and Printing

Most of today was spent in the digital darkroom optimizing images to print. Rob had everyone in the class select one image and work on five different interpretations. When complete, we all printed the images at 13 x 19 on the ipf 5100s. After some quick rearranging, we hung all of the prints on the wall for discussion, critique, and review. There is nothing like having your work displayed for all to see and then allowing the former Editor of Outdoor Photographer to offer goods and others. Overall it was a great exercise. (Two of my interpretations accompany this entry.)

We shot a little bit around the school but everyone wanted to get back in and work on printing. There are many great things about the Lepp Institute but one thing everyone absolutely loves is our printing. We teach workflow and that includes printing. The end to end process is key and we will not send a client home without having mastered the essential art of printing. We are fortunate to have Canon as a sponsor and with their generous help we are not afraid to print and learn. It is not uncommon to leave the Institute with 10 - 20 finished prints ready for finishing and display.

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