Monday, March 17, 2008

Recent Classes

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Been a great few weeks since we last posted. We hosted Fay Sirkis, Jack Davis, and Tim Grey in addition to all of the normal happenings around the school.
Fay taught a Corel Painter X class focusing on Landscape photography and painting. It is truly amazing the art you can create with Corel and Fay's instruction. It is always great to watch people who think they cannot paint on Monday walk out with stunning fine art prints by Friday. Check the schedule as we are currently arranging more dates with Fay later in the year.

Last week, Jack Davis brought his WOW style to the Institute for the first time in a few years. We went deep into Adobe Camera Raw 4.3 and CS3 Smart Object functionality. I am fortunate enough to have a different instructor each week but Jack was amazing. His corporate knowledge of any and all things Photoshop was only outdone by his comments and advice on photography and art. When Jack visits the school again, this is a must attend class!

Over the weekend Tim Grey came back to his old stomping grounds and taught Total Control. As some of you may know, Tim is a former manager of the Lepp Institute and helped George build the school into what it is today. His knowlegdge, wit, and teaching style made for an excellent weekend of CS3.

This week Rob Sheppard, long-time editor of Outdoor Photography, is here. The course "Going from Good to Great Prints" is off to a nice start with Photoshop work this morning and shooting this afternoon. Fortunately, the Central Coast weather is cooperating. It is absolutely beautiful, relatively warm with light clouds and a light breeze. All in all not a bad day to be alive.

Take Care!


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Douglas Barnett said...

During the Chattaooga seminar you attempted to show us the drop shadow method, but memory was failing. So, you promised to just put it on a website when you returned. Where can I find the drop shadow techniques.


Doug Barnett