Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rob Sheppard Day 4

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Been another heavy print day here at the Lepp Institute. Rob discussed a few creative and enhancing border techniques this morning. He covered Layer Styles extensively and some other more intricate border options. After these tutorials, he challenged the class to print five of their images for a critique in the afternoon. We finally put the 13 x 19 prints on the wall about an hour ago and the review is ongoing. It is great to see such a dramatic improvement in print quality and impact after only four days.

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Once the review is complete, we are off to shoot again. The wildflowers are blooming all over so we have great macro and landscape opportunities. We are going to visit the "Elfin Forest" on the north side of Los Osos overlooking the estuary. The forest is a very interesting place as most of the trees are dwarf oak. On clear days, the whole forest, the estuary, Morro rock, and over a hundred bird species may be seen. Should be fun.

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