Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Out in the Field with Rob Sheppard

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Rob Sheppard, long time editor of Outdoor Photographer magazine, is here this week and we are splitting our time between the classroom and the field. Rob covered many great Photoshop techniques to make your print pop and spent huge amounts of time today with image sizing, print resolution, and sharpening.

The poppies are out.

Just prior to leaving the lab, we fired up the Canon ipf 5100s and learned an effective, efficient, and color managed print workflow. Fortunately, the ipf 5100's print plugin makes the process quick and easy. In no time, the class produced some great prints of the images they shot yesterday down at Montana de Oro State Park.

Unfortunately, so is the poison oak.

The wildflowers are blooming so we shot up the coast to photograph steep, verdant hills covered in lupine. It was an absolutely gorgeous setting scouted by Rob and Victoria shortly after sunrise this morning. The weather is tremendous and the shooting is great.

We'll spend most of tomorrow in the lab optimizing and printing. Hopefully, we will start into the bigger prints of 13 x 19 or 16 x 20 tomorrow afternoon. The goal is for each workshop participant to have one image ready to print on the 44" wide Canon ipf 8100 by Thursday afternoon. It will be great sending everyone home with some HUGE prints of their work.

Take care and shoot well!

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