Monday, July 28, 2008

Canvas Printing and Finishing Workshop

This past weekend saw our first LIDI staff instructed canvas workshop. The two days were spent learning all of the required techniques and procedures to print and complete your own canvas gallery wrap.

Saturday, we discussed the required considerations and options when working with canvas. After that we selected the images we wanted to work with and then optimized, sized, and mirror extended all of the images in Adobe Photoshop CS3. We then printed some soft-proof test prints of each image. The test print served two functions, to ensure our color managed workflow was on and also to give us a canvas print on which to practice our coating techniques. We finished the day by constructing our stretcher bars.

Sunday was all hands on. We sanded and coated our stretcher bars and then prepped the Premier Art Eco Print Shield coating. Everyone practiced their coating technique on the test print and then we moved on to our larger images (most everyone printed either a 16x24 or 18x24.) While our coatings dried it was time to learn and practice hand stretching as recommended by the Institute. After a few tries everyone had the hang of it and we started on the big prints. One by one the gallery wraps came together and were finished beautifully. We ended the day with a demonstration of a stretching machine and talks about signing and marketing the fine art canvases.
Thanks again to Premier Art ( for their gracious support of our program. When you the absolute best canvas and coatings on the market, use only Premier products!

An additional description and photos of the workshop may be read and reviewed at


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