Thursday, July 24, 2008

Out Late and Up Early

Shooting above the fog.

Staying out late last night shooting on the coast just north of Cayucos did not stop us from pushing out at 5 AM this morning. We travelled east and up to about 2400 feet so we could get above the fog. What a spectacular scene. The Los Ososo Valley is often filled with fog for a portion of the day and it becomes absolutely beautiful when seen from above.

"'s off to shoot we go."
The sun finally came up just after six and was slightly filtered by the smoke in the air from the Big Sur fires to the north. We shot for about another hour and headed back for breakfast.

Sunrise shooting

Last night was more tilt-shift and light painting work along the scenic coastal area north of the school.

Bob looking west

The rest of the day we'll be in the lab working our end to end workflow.

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