Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Class

Enjoyed another Beginning Photoshop 1 class over the weekend. We had students from across California here to learn the fundamentals required for future Photoshop greatness.

Although many of our clients are more advanced PS users, the basics of the program are always useful to revisit. We spent time with the PS interface, the bridge, image navigation, layers, and selections. The highlight of every Beginning Photoshop 1 class is the creation of what Julieanne Kost calls "Mr. Melon Head." Although a somewhat silly exercise, if you can create the semblance of a human face from a blank melon and numerous fruits, vegetables, and fungi you can do most things in Photoshop.

Looking forward to this coming weekend when we finish the Beginning Photoshop series. It is always very rewarding to watch clients optimize their images with the full power of PS after only four days of training.


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