Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

We had a great class over the weekend! The DSLR basics course was a hit as we learned the fundamentals of digital photography and practiced with four different shoots.

We spent a few hours discussing exposure and, more importantly, how we as photographers can control exactly how we arrive at a specific exposure. Once the basics are understood, you can easily modify one or multiple variables to arrive at not only the perfect exposure but also the desired composition and artistic impact.

On Saturday we shot at Sweet Springs and on Sunday shot at Montana de Oro, in the gallery, and in the studio. Between these four shoots class participants were able to master available light and fill flash and experiment with perfectly controlled studio lights. Although it was a basic class, it is always fun to put the Pocket Wizard wireless transmitter on your hot shoe and sync up with a studio lighting system.

On an equipment note, we received a new Cintiq 12" display/pad. For those who have ever wanted the Cintiq but have been intimidated by cost or size, the new model is awesome. Stop by and check it out!

We also have two new Induro tripods set up and ready for demonstration. Induro is making some great products and we are happy to use and feature them here at the school.

This week we have been processing images and doing some print work. Nothing too exciting but good living nonetheless.

We'll take a day off tomorrow and enjoy the Fourth with family and friends. Hope ya'll do the same.


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