Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Shooting

Light painting HDR by Steve Sieren

The class was out shooting again yesterday afternoon and evening. We visited the Los Osos oaks nature preserve and practiced more tilt-shift and light painting. With almost 20 people set up around the preserve, the locals were beginning to wonder why so many photographers were out. Especially photographers waiting for the sun to set.

Look But Don't Touch 2 (Poison Oak- one of the few risks shooting here)

The oaks are a beautiful and somewhat eerie place. With a canopy filtering the light, low, twisted branches, and Spanish moss hanging it is a perfect location to find some unusual shots. As the light faded, the flashlights came out and we painted for a good hour and a half. Walking through the paths was interesting since around each bend were two to three flashlight beams dancing through the trees.

This morning we just started a review and critique of yesterday's work. We will work some more optimization in Photoshop and start the print workflow later today.

Take care.

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